Fedora Project launches Pre-Extras

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Thu Dec 16 19:00:26 UTC 2004

The Fedora Project is officially launching Fedora Pre-Extras, to work
alongside Fedora Core 3 for i386 and x86_64 based platforms.

What is Pre-Extras?
It is our way of showing you that we've been working hard, as many
packages have been built, and are ready for distribution. 

We are working very hard to make the build system work well, and the
infrastructure for this is almost ready, it just has a few kinks that we
are ironing out. As a measure of good faith, CVS for both Core and
Extras has already been opened.

While waiting for Extras to officially launch, use Pre-Extras today!

Where did all these packages come from?
These were packages from the now-merged Fedora.us repository as well as
freshrpms.net repository. So they maintain the same high quality
standards that was imposed previously.

So how do I get it?
Pre-Extras is currently hosted on the FedoraProject.org website, and is
available at:


It is available as a YUM repository, and an entry like the following
would suffice (in /etc/yum.conf):

name=Pre Extras

There is a temporary Pre Extras GPG key, which all packages are signed
with. The fingerprint:

pub  1024D/1AC70CE6 2004-12-14 Fedora Pre Extras Release <pre-extras at fedoraproject.org>
     Key fingerprint = 5389 DD00 C5BC 5168 12B4  3272 82ED 9504 1AC7 0CE6
sub  1024g/4E1A9D43 2004-12-14

To import the key:
 rpm --import http://fedoraproject.org/pre-extras/RPM-GPG-KEY-Fedora-Pre-Extras

What about bugs?
If you find bugs in the packages, report them at the Fedora Extras


A cautionary note...
To paraphrase a Fedora Project contributor, Jef Spaleta, these packages
could eat babies; that is to say, they are built, signed, and ready for
use, but they have not gone through the rigorous QA testing that would
be expected normally from Extras. So if they break, submit a bug report,
but there are no implied warranties or guarantees that they will work.
Use these packages at your own risk!

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