FedoraJobs: Calls For Hacks

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Fri Jan 23 05:43:23 UTC 2004

It's like http://www.gnome.org/bounties/. Except, simpler. And
without any cash changing hands. (Sorry.)

Basically, there's stuff that could be done. And never enough
time to do it all, obviously. So, why not call for volunteers?

Here's an example to run with...

Thomas Chung has listings of the updates at

This is good, but we'd like to have that on fedora.redhat.com,
of course. So, what we need is the following:

Hack: Update Mangler/Archiver
 Take an update announcement, say:


Write a script (python/perl/shell, python probably preferred) that
takes the announcement, and does the following:

1) spits out into a file some prettified HTML output
2) updates a RSS xml file, with the following format
guid=the update id
link=the html file
description=the 'update information' section
(or the changelog, if 'update information' is blank
3) update a *separate* RSS feed as well, if there's
[SECURITY] in the update ;)

You could even dump the entire advisory into xml and xslt it into
whatever, if you so desire.

Send code in response to this message, fedora-devel-list at redhat.com,
or to me, <notting at redhat.com>. Send flames to /dev/null. :)


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