Fedora Bug Day Tomorrow: Jan 28th 2004: Bugzilla versus Mothra

Jef Spaleta jspaleta at princeton.edu
Wed Jan 28 04:59:11 UTC 2004

Fedora Bug Day: General Fedora Triage 

Bugs bad...Closing bugs good

Everybody and anybody who wants to help developers make better use of
their time. Programming experience, isn't necessary to make a worthwhile
contribution to the triaging effort. But programmers are welcome to. Who
knows you might even stumble on a bug you can fix by submitting your own
patch!  For the rest of us, just digging into bugzilla and finding
bugreports to mark as duplicates can help save developers some time.

Simply pick an existing Fedora Core bug to triage, jump on the 
#fedora-bugs during the stated times on Weds Jan 28th and convince
me that the bug should be closed or marked up as a high priority for
Jan 28th 9am EST (or right after i get my first cup of coffee) to let's
say 6pm-ish EST (right before my wife tells me I need to drive her home
from work). Allow of course for some gaps in between when my boss and
found my hiding place and needs me to do something.

No Clue What I'm talking about when I say the phrase Fedora Triage?
Take a quick look at the fedora-triage-list archives:
These messages should hopefully tell you what its all about in more
http://tinyurl.com/ywma3 - Summary of my vision for Fedora Triage
http://tinyurl.com/23alw - My short term goals and long term plans

-jef"technically I got this email out on Tuesday"spaleta
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