Misc other rawhide issues

Warren Togami warren at togami.com
Wed Jan 28 11:34:55 UTC 2004

Please let me know if the below are already known bugs so I wont report 

BTW, GREAT JOB on the gtk2 native widgets.  The entire suite looks GORGEOUS!

1) Spreadsheet user interface bug
Enter a value within a cell and hit ENTER.  It does not go to the next 
cell below like openoffice and staroffice before the gtk2-native widgets 

2) Opening a spreadsheet document and closing always segfaults.  Let me 
know if you cannot trigger this behavior and I will send the reproducer.

3) Japanese translations in the UI seem missing.  Are all tranlations 

4) cd /proc; find; causes kernel oops.  According to notting this is a 
ACPI bug that is triggerable on Thinkpad hardware.  Anyone know a 
Bugzilla #?

5) Lacking plugins to connect to any database?  I might just totally 
misunderstand how it works...
6) Segfault when closing

7) Missing japanese translation.  missing all translations?

8) ALL KDE APPS missing Japanese translation
<warren> than: Is it a known bug that all KDE apps in rawhide appear to 
be missing japanese (all?) translations?
<than> warren: yes, KDE developer has removed kde-i18-japanese in KDE 3.2:(
<warren> than: yikes, any explanation?
<than> i just added the old one from Beta2 in our rpm
<warren> than: I can get the fedora-ja team to work on the translations
<than> warren: i think the Japanese translation is incompletely at the 
<mharris> warren: be careful....  I remember redhat-config-network's 
"Python Network Configuration Tool" being translated into German which 
more or less read "Tool for Configuration of Python Networks"
<mharris> ;o)
<than> warren: it's the reason why they have removed it
<than> warren: it's great if you could get fedora-ja team to work on the 

Apparently both Japanese and Korean translations are judged to be so 
poor and incomplete that KDE upstream has decided to remove them from 
KDE 3.2.  For now than has agreed to keep the old set of translations in 
the distribution until the translation freeze on March 5th, after which 
they will need to be removed from FC2 unless the community has fixed the 
translations to a sufficient degree.

KDE i18n contact

I am alerting the already organized and enthused Fedora-JA community, 
but I don't know any Korean Fedora users or groups, so please help if 
you care about keeping the Korean i18n for KDE.

Misc processes need kill -9
9) Has anyone noticed that many miscellaneous processes when they become 
either deadlocked or livelocked are unkillable with regular "kill", and 
you need "kill -9"?  This happened to me with:
gdm-binary, kinput2, soffice, top, and several other processes...
Only managed to strace one of them here:

10) gdm sometimes does not startup X-and-login-screen again 
automatically after killed with CTRL-ALT-Backspace.  Difficult to 
reproduce but potentially bad.

This bug still exists in rawhide where gdm's maximum simultaneous 
connection counter became a maximum connection counter between RH9-> 
FC1.  It is particularly crippling for K12LTSP and my LUG's 
super-Linux-advocacy presentation at a huge educator's conference coming 
on Feburary 3rd.  Help!!! =(

Warren Togami
wtogami at redhat.com

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