[zak at mysql.com: A new version of the MySQL FLOSS Exception]

Joe Orton jorton at redhat.com
Thu Jul 15 15:51:03 UTC 2004

Good news on the MySQL front: when a new version of MySQL 4.x is
released with this license exception we should be able to ship it.

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From: Zak Greant <zak at mysql.com>
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Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 09:41:25 -0600
Subject: A new version of the MySQL FLOSS Exception

Greetings All,

I am very pleased to announce that the latest version of the FLOSS  
exception has made it through rounds of review by the community, the  
MySQL lawyers and MySQL team.

The FLOSS Exception is an exception to the terms and conditions of the  
GPL licensing for the MySQL clients that allows for greater  
compatibility between the GPL and other common Free Software/Open  
Source licenses.

The complete text of the latest version is posted at

A history of changes may be found at

(Click the (diff) links on the preceding page to see changes between  

Barring any unforeseen difficulties, this exception should be added to  
the next minor releases of the various official MySQL client APIs.


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