Preliminary OpenAFS 1.3.x RPM for Fedora Core 2

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Fri Jun 18 19:41:54 UTC 2004

I know OpenAFS isn't well-loved at Red Hat, but we're kinda dependent on it
here. (Maybe the in-kernel AFS will be a large part of our solution in the
future, but it needs a lot more work.) And, as of, um, two days ago, OpenAFS
CVS + some patches builds and runs on Fedora Core 2. So, I've put together a
preliminary RPM, and I'd like some help making it as perfect as possible.


Please read the README.RPM and TODO.RPM files included in the src.rpm. (Also
conveniently on the above web site, which is a little ugly because I'm lazy.)

Specific caveats: it's very cutting edge, and some things (SMP, for example)
don't work at all. You may get PAG support if you rebuild your kernel to
export the syscall table -- I haven't tried. Otherwise, you won't.

Any bugs in the new init script or in the specfile, or suggestions for
improvements, please let me know!


Matthew Miller           mattdm at        <>
Boston University Linux      ------>                <>

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