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Re: How about the support of FC for laptop?

On Monday 01 November 2004 06:51, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> I've had nothing but good experiences with thinkpads and linux.

Heat dissipation (fan doesn't spin when it should) and APM/ACPI sleep 
don't work are the worst things about T30 and related laptops.

> I don't know if modern thinkpads are 3 button or not, never used one.

Most have three buttons now.  If you have the combo-NAV thingy, you have 
to disable touchpad in the BIOS to get the middle mouse button to work.  

Now if IBM would write and/or test all of their drivers under Linux, 
that would be a great day...  Hope is on the way though: 

Would be great, though, if we could somehow coax Kudzu into detecting a 
laptop and then config the beast to run instead of relying on random 
HOWTOs everywhere.  Guess it would require a mini "Fedora 4 Laptop" 
project to get going and pipe the output into the fedora-config team.


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