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Re: How about the support of FC for laptop?

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 13:28:10 +0800, Jeff Pitman <symbiont berlios de> wrote:
> On Monday 01 November 2004 06:51, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> > I've had nothing but good experiences with thinkpads and linux.
> Heat dissipation (fan doesn't spin when it should) and APM/ACPI sleep
> don't work are the worst things about T30 and related laptops.

I'd have to second the first opinion. All my hardware, works very
well. ACPI is known to be broken on it, but APM works very well.
Suspend-to-RAM and Suspend-to-Disk (hibernate) work for me. I just had
to make sure I had a hibernate partition for hibernate to work. I've
had a fake uptime of almost 1-month at one time because of hibernate.
cpuspeed doesn't work too well as I've been seeing recently. It keeps
at the lower speed, and I have to manually poke it to make it go up to
1.8ghz. Of note is that even with the fan on, a full 100% of
setiathome gets the laptop up to 76 degrees. Hot! Thank goodness it
hasn't melted.

> > I don't know if modern thinkpads are 3 button or not, never used one.
> Most have three buttons now.  If you have the combo-NAV thingy, you have
> to disable touchpad in the BIOS to get the middle mouse button to work.

I would like to note that my middle button on my T30 works as long as
I do not plug in my USB mouse. If I plug it in while booting, the
whole pointing-stick and it's respective button combination don't
work. If I boot without the USB mouse, they all work, including middle
button. This was stock install of FC2, up to this point with the
latest updates, without any changes to xorg.conf.

> Would be great, though, if we could somehow coax Kudzu into detecting a
> laptop and then config the beast to run instead of relying on random
> HOWTOs everywhere.  Guess it would require a mini "Fedora 4 Laptop"
> project to get going and pipe the output into the fedora-config team.

Kudzu for laptop-detection would be nice. But then nothing beats the
first-hand experience of someone else who has actually tried out the
Fedora Core and Laptop combination. We all know automating hardware
detection doesn't always work out correctly.

> -jeff


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