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fedoratracker.org: An update and a request

Hi folks,

First the update: Since fedoratracker.org launched the number of
packages indexed by it has increased dramitically. This, as I'm sure
many of you have noticed, has had a very serious affect on
performance. When the problem got so bad that I found myself googling
for packages instead of using my own tool (believe me, that is _not_ a
fun position to be in) I knew something had to be done before FC3 was

So, long story short, over the last several months I've devoted an
inordinate amount of time to comepletely re-writing chunks of the
Tracker's back-end code to improve performance and am pretty happy
with the results.

Improvements in this revision:
- Very significant increases in package search speeds. Listing all
packages in FC1 now takes about 9 seconds, for example. Once the DB
has cached the result, the same search takes only 3 seconds.
- Scalability improvements (so you can expect it to stay fast for the
forseeable future)
- Results are now shown 25 at a time instead of loading every match at
once. I'm open to feedback about whether this number should be
- You can now search by package category, something I've been wanting
to implement for a long time
- Improved logging and exception handling

Known issues that I will fix when I can, but have no timeframe for
because I have to get back to the Real Job(tm)
- Repository searches can still take about 15-20 seconds. I've figured
out ways to cut this time down significantly but haven't had time to
implement them yet.
- For some reason the fedora.us repos did not index properly during
the last nightly database update. Hopefully this problem will fix
itsself on the next run.
- I just noticed that the link for listing files in a package doesn't
currently show anything. Not sure why this is. Probably a quick fix
once I get around to it.

Please check it out and I hope you find it useful. If you have
comments, questions or bug reports, either respond in this thread or
email brads -at- red hat com.


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