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D'oh! Forgot the request (was Re: fedoratracker.org: An update and a request)

The title of my last email mentioned a request, but I never actually
got around to making one. =:)

Those of you who have been to fedoratracker.org have no doubt noticed
that the layout is quite spartan. I designed it to be quick-loading
and functional (not to mention links-friendly). However, there is one
graphical element of the site: the animated gif that displays while a
search is running. Once upon a time I cobbled this together from GIS
searches that inevitably led me to one store or another's online
catalogue. As a result, the images used for it are probably all
someone else's intellectial property and there's always the chance,
small as it may be, that someday someone might notice and get upset
about this. That, and it doesn't look very good in the first place.

So... if anyone out there is artistically inclined (or just
interested-- my own abject lack of artistic talent didn't stop me from
trying, after all) in creating a replacement, please do so and respond
with a link (or just email me directly if you're feeling shy). If I
find something I like I'll use it. The only restrictions are that it:

1) Look cool
2) Be animated (since the whole point is to let the user know that,
yes, the site is still alive)
3) Be composed exclusively of public-domain or otherwise IP-free images

I'm curious to see if anyone responds. 


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