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Problem with Fedora Core 2 remote kdesktop

Dear Folks,

At work, on my WinXP Pro computer, I start Exceed (x server), then run my SSH client to connect to my home linux server. I have set up my SSH client to tunnel all X11 connections. I can run all my X applications this way.

When my server at home was running under RH9.0, I could SSH in (as described above) to my home server from work, and at the linux prompt typed the command 'kdesktop'. Then the entire KDE desktop would appear on my remote computer. All the default desktop icons, the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, all appear normally. No need for VNC services this way. And it is secure since I am tunneling my X11 connection through SSH.

However there is a bug that I found.under FC2.

Under Fedora Core 2, using the same method (as described above), only the desktop wallpaper appears. None of the desktop icons appear, no taskbar. The submenu from the mouse buttons work. This is a bummer for me since I upgraded from RH9 to FC2.

I don't really know how to fix this problem and I don't wish to run VNC server

Any ideas?

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