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FC3 PPC development tree / installing FC3 on ibook2001 + B&W PowerMacG3


i sucked the ppc-devel-tree to my hd, set up a NFS server for the downloaded
files and burned boot.iso from the dir "mac". The boot cd booted but it
found no network device, and i don't know how to set up the
module-parameters which it's maybe requesting... 

all i know i took from the HOWTO at


I couldn't by all efforts find more about this topic in the net...

in this HOWTO it says that one schould use the "sungem" driver for the
internal network device, but this doesn't help (maybe this tip applies only
for ibookG4s?)

Does anybody have experience with this topic and could give me a hint?

Thanks in advance

caio, nico.

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