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prelink modification ?


Perhaps experts on prelinking are lurking on this list? :)

I would like to modify prelink to exclude *some* of a binaries needed
libraries from prelinking. So if I depend on library A, B, C then A and
B are prelinked, while normal relocation processing is done for library
C. I guess I could just dlopen the library, but it would be nicer if I
didn't have to manually dlsym 1000 symbols. There might be some
architectural hurdle for doing this, and it would be nice to know before
starting trying to hack the prelink code too much

I have the "usual" problem, namely a dependency on a binary libGL which
has non-pic code included. I cannot use open-source drivers,
unfortunately, and I actually *need* to use OpenGL

With regards, Morten
Morten Sylvest Olsen, System Developer
Medical Insight A/S, Hovedgaden 451 C,2640 Hedehusene, Denmark
Phone:+4546550444, Mobile:+4551573092,Mail: mso medical-insight com

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