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Re: gnome 2.9

On Wed, 3 Nov 2004 16:06:33 -0700, Stephen J. Smoogen <smooge gmail com> wrote:
> As much as I like Red Hat, and know what its like on the inside... (or
> knew).. I have to use a Mr Szuliks phrase: "Amen Brother". This has
> got to stop. I would rather see FC4 get put off for 6 months and the
> real issues of community building fixed by February than just watch
> this poor dead horse get covered in napalm and savaged by people
> again.


If this is am open discussion about the FC4 schedule. I would
personally prefer to see a SLOW release cycle so the non-technical
issues, the community facing policy/organizational issues can finally
get some needed high priority allocation from inside the fenceline.

In terms of what is important in the long term health of fedora as a
community project and not just a collection of code.. time needs to be
made by the primaries inside Red Hat to deal the issues of how
community is actually going to be invited and encouraged to be
invovled beyond upstream component developers. Pushing a quick fc4
schedule is NOT going to make it easier to deal with any community
contributor/leadership issues... real or imagined, outstanding or

As much as i appreciate and respect the fact that a lot of work has
needed to be done inhouse to open up the technical tools for community
contributors to get access to code and buildsystem. Having the
technical tools like an open cvs are not going to help deal with the
issue on how to manage and recruit volunteers with less overtly
codemonkey tasks. It's debatable when the best time to strongly press
the point, before or after the technical work to open up the
buildsystem is completed. So I offer this as a friendly reminder and
as a kindly display of loyal opposition to the current red hat
internal priorities for the fedora project. There needs to be a
schedule and a plan to deal with volunteer management issues.

-jef"is getting too comfortable playing the role of loyal opposition
in so many different venues"spaleta

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