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Re: gnome 2.9

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| If this is am open discussion about the FC4 schedule. I would
| personally prefer to see a SLOW release cycle so the non-technical
| issues, the community facing policy/organizational issues can finally
| get some needed high priority allocation from inside the fenceline.

Definitely. There is much that needs to be formalised here.

I for one am very disappointed that I have zero control pushing my own
agenda within Fedora.  I have four outstanding bugs and enhancements
with patches (135657, 135659, 135660, 120635) which are completely at
the whim RH as to when they may apply them, if ever.

| In terms of what is important in the long term health of fedora as a | community project and not just a collection of code.. time needs to be | made by the primaries inside Red Hat to deal the issues of how | community is actually going to be invited and encouraged to be | invovled beyond upstream component developers. Pushing a quick fc4 | schedule is NOT going to make it easier to deal with any community | contributor/leadership issues... real or imagined, outstanding or | looming. |

Indeed.  A quick push just means there's even less time to lobby for
changes that have already been deferred because you were all too busy
getting out FC3.

We already see that existing RH resources are struggling to be reactive
to the situation.  If you cannot open this project up along the lines of
other large open projects, whereby I can influence the final product,
then I will seriously consider participating elsewhere.

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