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Re: .649 and .667 kernels and random lockups

On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 02:08:51PM -0800, Dave Mack wrote:

 > >I've upgraded two machines to fc3rc5(ish) and then upgraded again to
 > >latest rawhide. I've been running the .649 and .667 kernels on these two
 > >systems. One is a dell dimension 2400 - p4 2.8ghz the other is an ibm
 > >x23 thinkpad - p3-866mhz. Both of them will lockup if they sit idle for
 > >a while. It's a hard lock up, I can't free them of it and I have no idea
 > >what causes it. Is anyone else seeing this, too?
 > >
 > Don't know about rawhide, but on FC2 I've had the screensaver put my 
 > machines into a state where they have to be powercycled. Turning off 
 > screensaver or judiciously choosing a single screensaver to run every 
 > time instead of allowing random selection has solved the problem.

strong suspects here are the 3D screensavers. They've been known
to expose problems in 3d graphics drivers (both DRI and the binary
only ones) before.

If you're using a free 3d driver, you might want to try and narrow
it down to a specific screensaver, and tell the dri folks.


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