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Re: FC3 PPC development tree / installing FC3 on B&W PowerMacG3


If i burn the  FC3 PPC development tree on an DVD, boot with a CD made of
"boot.iso" (in dir. "mac") and select "CD-ROM" as Installation method,
anaconda tells me that it didn't find a FC CD that fits to my boot CD.
That's allready a bit more than i got with my first try (DVD without
".disc-info", without "SRPMS" and named other than  "FC-3 ppc"). There it
said that it didn'T find a FC CD. my second DVD should be OK, the only dir
that didn't fit onto the dvd was "debug" but i read in a howto
(http://www.bytebot.net/geekdocs/ibook/fedorappc.html), that i don't need
it. so what's wrong?

CAn anybody tell me what to do or where it's documented how i can install
FC-3 on Macs? I have a PowerMac G3 (350MHz) and it's really important that i
install fedora there...

Thanx in advance.

ciao, nico.

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