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Re: ogg streams and rhythmbox


On Thu, 2004-11-04 at 07:51, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Rhythmbox from upstream works well with mp3 shoutcast streams, which  
> are removed from Fedora Core due to mp3 support not being there.
> Apparantly CBC will be streaming with ogg - and I'm curious as to how  
> popular ogg streaming is, and wether or not some default internet radio  
> stations using ogg through shoutcast should be used for Rhythmbox - are  
> there enough to make it worth it?
> I know shoutcast2 builds fine on FC2 and FC3 and the gstreamer plugin  
> also does - I don't know that they are required for ogg streaming in  
> rhythmbox (they don't seam to be for mp3 streaming) but if they are,  
> they work and should be patent free.

There are two things that could be done.  From what you're saying you
are mixing them up.

a) playing ogg streams from the web:
This is possible without the shoutcast plugin.  Radios that are sending
one continuous ogg stream (Ie, no chained oggs, one serial number for
the whole stream) already work in RB afaik.  A stream like this is
generated by, for example, flumotion.

However, streams that consist of a bunch of oggs strung together might
have some issues, and those are being worked on this week.  It's pretty
hard for a framework that is generic to support chained oggs correctly.

b) making an ogg stream yourself:
It would be possible to have RhythmBox serve as a *client* for a
streaming server.  That's when the shoutcast plugin would be useful.
> Do ogg shoutcast streams work in Rhythmbox as it is?
> I think it is worth investigating just so that rhythmbox could be  
> distributed with Fedora Core 4 with working internet radio stations.

In short - try it ! :)


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