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Re: Mail gui config

Le samedi 06 novembre 2004 Ã 13:08 +0100, Iago Rubio a Ãcrit :
> On Sat, 2004-11-06 at 00:19, Doncho N. Gunchev wrote:
> > On 2004-11-02 (Tuesday) 04:48, Z wrote:
> > > I don't like sendmail myself, but postfix is pretty complex as well.
> >     Not that complex. I spent about a week to get sendmail working 
> > almost the way I wanted it to. With postfix I can make much more
> > complicated things in a few hours (and it's not only me)...
> Because you know Postfix, and don't know sendmail. With m4 sendmail is
> not so difficult to configure.

When I first needed a MTA I spent a few hours banging my head on
sendmail config because it was the default then. Then I saw the light
and got postfix from powertools, and was done in half the time I had
already spent on sendmail. I don't know how anyone can even suggest
sendmail conf problems are due to people knowing postfix better, when
sendmail was there first and was used by almost everyone once.

> >     I want to mention that postfix's security record is much better,
> Not true.
> Just look to the past two years.
> The historical security record of sendmail is poor, but to compare it
> with the security record of tools that does not even exists when those
> security holes appeared is not fair.

postfix has been there for six years. That's enough for a meaningful
security record history. Even if you want to restrict yourself to the
last years where sendmail started being half-decent security-wise there
is no comparison (just go to CERT, search sendmail then postfix)

> But well, what I'd like to ask is: What's wrong with current fedora's
> MTA management ?

FC uses sendmail as default, which means new users are exposed to the
worst tool from an admin POW at least, which is not overly smart.

> You can use Postfix, you can use sendmail, you can switch betwen them
> ... What's the problem then ?
> Are you advocating to delete sendmail ??

People are advocating replacing sendmail-as-default with postfix-as-

Which should not worry sendmail users, except the value proposition of
sendmail might not be sufficient for people to keep using it in
meaningful numbers once it(s no longer the default.


Nicolas Mailhot

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