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Re: A true package manager.

On Fri, 2004-11-05 at 22:30 +0000, Fernando Morais wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> for when is it scheduled to include a true package manager? 
> One that gives ther options to see all rpm's instaled, remove, install
> new nes, and so on...
> In the early stages of fedora, one of the test releases, before the FC
> 1, came with a tool that does part of
> what i said before, despite part of it's functions where disabled. But
> it never was included before. Is there a reason for that?
> Because a grafical tool to do interface with yum woulld be great, so
> some basic task could be done, like adding rpm's, removing, seeing all
> the rpm's avaiable to install, and more. 
> And it could o a litle further, merge it with up2date and create only
> one tool, that deals all the functions regarding the 
> managing of the rpm's, the detection of updates, and so on...
> Is there anything planned?

There is a small group of people who have been discussing a lot of
merging of code bases for FC4. Specifically:

- s-c-p + the yum module code to use it as a graphical front end to
access yum repositories.

- repomd + mirrorlists possibly for anaconda

I'd like to see both of these ready for FC4.


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