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Re: Mail gui config

On 2004-11-06 (Saturday) 14:08, Iago Rubio wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-11-06 at 00:19, Doncho N. Gunchev wrote:
> > On 2004-11-02 (Tuesday) 04:48, Z wrote:
> > > I don't like sendmail myself, but postfix is pretty complex as well.
> >     Not that complex. I spent about a week to get sendmail working 
> > almost the way I wanted it to. With postfix I can make much more
> > complicated things in a few hours (and it's not only me)...
> Because you know Postfix, and don't know sendmail. With m4 sendmail is
> not so difficult to configure.

Read my other mail in the list - m4 goes away in sendmail X project:

> >     I want to mention that postfix's security record is much better,
> Not true.
> Just look to the past two years.
> The historical security record of sendmail is poor, but to compare it
> with the security record of tools that does not even exists when those
> security holes appeared is not fair.
> Of course if I code tomorrow "foomail" will have a better security
> record than Postfix.

    True, but here we do compare two projects that are not from yesterday.
Qmail's has security guarantee http://cr.yp.to/qmail/guarantee.html and
bad license. For postfix I don't know if such exists, but I don't remember
security problems too (look at the changelogs of postfix and sendmail).

> > it is faster and eats less resources too
> Did you benchmarked this, or are those simply your intuitions ?
> I readed third party benchmarks of sendmail vs Postfix vs Qmail, and
> Postfix had the worst results.
> I also readed benchmarks from Postfix advocates and Postfix had the best
> results. You can find this benchmark in lots of Postfix sites, the same
> benchmark I mean.

    True about the benchmarks, for me it works faster, but...

> But well, what I'd like to ask is: What's wrong with current fedora's
> MTA management ?
> You can use Postfix, you can use sendmail, you can switch betwen them
> ... What's the problem then ?
> Are you advocating to delete sendmail ??
> Are you proposing any other MTA management scheme better than current
> fedora's one ?

    Removing sendmail is not an option for me(read my other mail). The
only thing I can dream of is to be able to not install fedora without
sendmail at all, but I don't dream too much :)

> If you'll not do it, this thread is simply a waste of time.
> -- 
> Iago Rubio

    Don't get mad at me. I just think sendmail's configuration is
quite cryptic and postfix's is much better... The second part of my
email was "I want to mention", next time I will not.

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