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new prerelease of mach for the brave testers


Rudi Chiarito kicked me off on some mach work with a patch that
implemented some things necessary for mach to run on FC3.

I've made a prerelease of that work which is up at

While taking the good bits from that patch and trying it out on FC3 I
ran into a slew of other issues as well.

The most notable one was the fact that building an FC2 target root an an
FC3 host triggered all sorts of dormant SELINUX calls in the FC2
packages and scripts.

I created a library that fakes out selinux calls as proposed by Colin
Walters.  That works out quite well.

The next hurdle is the dev rpm of FC2 checking /proc/mounts and deciding
it won't install because there's a devfs mounted.

I'm not yet sure how I should tackle that.  I could go back to not
mounting proc but that will give me lots of other errors.  Or, I could
start overriding calls like open, but that's pretty hackish.

So I'm sending this mail to get some ideas from all of you, and hoping
some people want to give this version a try on their new FC3 install (or
older systems) so I can do a release this week.


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