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Re: RedHat forks OpenSSH?

Damien Miller wrote :

> [...] Patches are
> easy: they are instantly readable and most of them don't change from
> release to release anyway.

Unfortunately, when it comes to removing pieces of code you don't want to
ship, not even in source form, doing so with a patch would simply put all
the code in a second time... with minus signs in front.

> Given the choice of improving OpenSSH vs. chasing up hidden vendor
> changes motivated by a misguided legal department before I can determine
> whether a bug report is valid, I know which will always win.

Well, I second seth on this one, fedora-legal-list would be welcome ;-)
More seriously, if we're talking about an algorithm that is the one used in
DVDs, then not only are there possible software patent infringement in
certain countries, but also more general legal concerns (DMCA anyone?).


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