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Stateless Linux

Been lucky enough to have a little time to try this out. We've been trying to get LTSP running here since about March, and it's not really flying beyond basic use.

So when I saw this project I grabbed the files and set up a box, the configuration is not only easy compared to LTSP, but I learned a lot about that process by doing this (LTSP also requires TFTP, LDAP, DHCPD, etc). I have the most recent build as of now.

I'm still working on getting my first snapshot to export, but it's a lot easier to check the work when you install phpldapadmin on the same system: you can see each item as it's created, and check to make sure it's all correct. Merely running the tests doesn't always catch typos and such. phpla is pretty easy to install, I untarred it into /var/www/html and renamed it phpla so I could just browse it. I've been using a lot of LAMP tools lately, sometimes just seeing the same info a different way helps a lot.

Anyway I'm here to mention an oddity in the documentation for Stateless. On this page:


it says to use the following command:

stateless-snapshooter --new --protosystem DemoSystem

since it's just a toy I'm actually using the name DemoSystem. However, the --new and --protosystem had to be replaced with -n -p before it would work. The error tells you very plainly that those are the available switches. for some reason --list works just fine, as does -l.

I haven't made any changes to the server, it's as plain as you can get it fresh off the download mirror. Anyway broken flags are just a minor thing but I couldn't find an email to send this to so the devel list seemed as safe a place as any.

On to the next step...


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