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Re: Why kernel source is not in Distribution that is installed

Am Di, den 09.11.2004 schrieb Otto Haliburton um 23:39:

> I don't know what you mean by 'hijack' that is besides the point.  The
> discussion that I am trying to bring up has to do with an issue that often
> is comes as a complaint.  The RPM does not install the source in the correct
> location from the src.rpm and quite often the first thing that is required
> in a upgrade or installation is to rebuild the kernel.  The issue is one
> about Fedora core by the way as stated in the question.  I wish that
> responses are to the question asked and if you need a clarification state
> that.  There was no reply on the response I sent.

To the term "thread hijacking": if you would set your list view into
thread mode you would quickly see that your mail now appears as part of
the discussion thread "first encounters with SELINUX, with some
suggestions". I feel it is obvious not that good. See the header of your
first posting and you'll find a

In-Reply-To:  <1100024810 5472 18 camel nexus verbum private>

reference which cause the thread mixture.

Now to the real topic. Why on earth "quite often" a kernel rebuild is
necessary? What do you mean with the "RPM does not install the source in
the correct location"?

Please read the release notes and grep the list archive for the
discussion about only having a kernel SRC.RPM and not two RPMs both with
the kernel source. The discussion is closed, not need to rewarm it.


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