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Re: nscd gotcha

> I was quite stumped until I saw (strace is nice) that a new service: nscd
> was running.   Ok, so I restarted the nscd daemon, and still a problem. 
> Ok, man pages..... Gee it was working as it should.  There was not a
> negative request as the old addr had been reassigned and was alive.  Only
> the name had been reassigned to a different ip.
> So, should nscd be updated when a 'host','dig', or 'nslookup' request is
> done?  I am playing with the /etc/nscd.conf to tune it for my particular
> setup, but I was wondering what triggers a refresh, or update of the
> cached database?
> Also, there is not an entry to the bugzilla for nscd.

I've seen the same, but also haven't digged into details. Also happens
to me for a laptop after plugging into a new network. Want to check
this in more detail. Only minor item I can add: "service nscd reload"
doesn't help, but "service nscd reload" fixes it for me. Problem
persists even if network setup changes (but /etc/resolv.conf is
chattr +i).


Florian La Roche

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