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Re: python 2.4 upgrade

Alan Milligan wrote:

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I noted with interest, the python 2.4 upgrade.

I had hoped that bug request 120635 regarding integrating new python
macros into rpm would have been addressed as part of these changes.

Every spec file with a Python dependency has been individually modified
to facilitate this upgrade, and each could have benefited from using the
new macros.

I do hope an opportunity has not been missed.

There is nothing at all stopping you (or Fedora) from configuring rpm in /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/macros,
/etc/rpm/macros or ~/.rpmmacros if you wish. You can also add the definitions to your own
package spec files.

What stops adding to rpm default configuration -- aside from the instantly induced build
failures with older versions of rpm -- is lack of confirmation that the macros at #120635
actually "work" with the thundering herd of python versions deployed, with variant multilib

I've asked python guys regarding retrieving /usr/lib or /usr/lib64 paths portably from python,
and have no clear indication one way or the other of the Right Thing To Do.

Get me confirmation that the changes work with python 2.[01234], and perhaps python 1.5,
currently deployed and I will be happy to add default macros to rpm. Otherwise, it
seems kinda pointless to add default macros that don't just "work" everywhere imho.

73 de Jeff

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