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Re: nscd gotcha

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Brian Millett wrote:

> Ok, man pages..... Gee it was working as it should.  There was not a
> negative request as the old addr had been reassigned and was alive.  Only
> the name had been reassigned to a different ip.

That's as it should be.  The entry in the database will time out after a
while and after reloading the new IP address is available.  If one needs
 the change to take effect immediately, remove the hosts cache with

  nscd --invalidate=hosts

If this is a frequent thing, disable nscd caching completely.  But there
is no bug, this is how nscd is supported to work.

> So, should nscd be updated when a 'host','dig', or 'nslookup' request is
> done?

All these programs don't use the libc resolver at all, they have nothing
whatsoever to do with nscd.  By design, I might add.

> I am playing with the /etc/nscd.conf to tune it for my particular
> setup, but I was wondering what triggers a refresh, or update of the
> cached database?

Just reduce the positive-time-to-live value for hosts if the current one
is too long for you.  It is not in general.

> Also, there is not an entry to the bugzilla for nscd.

nscd is part of glibc.  No need to file a bug since there is none.

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