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Re: python 2.4 upgrade

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| %pythonprefix - seems overkill; %{_prefix} will should cover well
Only if you want to place python in /usr/lib.  Mostly you would wish to
do so, and you will almost certainly get bitten if you dont, but if for
some reason you want to locate python (or another version of the same)
elsewhere, this allows you to do it.

| %pythonversion - %pyver, %pybasever already exist ... would need
| harmonization throughout all specs.
Thats exactly the point of the exercise.  If we actually publish the
'standard', it will get adopted.  Presently, there are no macros, anyone
packaging something pythonic does their own thing, and ala the
inconsistent mess we have now!

| %pythonpath - suggest %pythonhome as naming (a la $JAVA_HOME)
Whatever - anything remotely meaningfully named is ok - publishing it is
the important bit.

| Can someone share with me when get_python_lib() != get_python_lib(1)?
| Inquiring minds want to know.  %pythondir, %pyexecdir,
| %python_sitearch, %python_sitelib, are pretty superfluous macros.
Actually they are not.  These become critical to overriding makefile
parameters in quite a few cases, thereby mitigating the need to hack
third-party setup.py scripts, allowing you to use the vanilla
third-party tarball :)

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