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Re: first encounters with SELINUX, with some suggestions


> All RH developers do not work on FC3.  (A Lot run on RHEL 3 and AS 2.1).

Point taken.

> SELinux with strict policy was very difficult to develop on so a lot of 
> developers turned it
> off, now that it is targeted policy, they are using it more and more. 

Agreed - now that I understand the difference between the two, and
having read Colin's introduction, I see and understand how much better
"targeted" really is.  I guess a lot of people, myself included, got
burned during test cycles where strict was the default.

Please make sure people *realize* this subtle point - lots of people
turn SELINUX off by default completely because of this.

> Most of the problems
> we are seeing now are with different Apache setups, which most 
> developers would not
> have discovered on the desktop.

Understood, valid point.


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