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Re: FC3 and 2 net interfaces :-(


I have the same network cards and had the same problem.

For me I finally fixed it by
nuking /etc/sysconfig/hwconf, /etc/modprobe.conf, and rebooting
(I think)

I also had to blow away the existing network-scripts/ifcfg-eth[01] I

Anyway, basically rebooting with all the old cruft removed seemed to fix
it. It's still a bug, I'm just giving you a workaround. You might save
the old cruft for bug report purposes.


On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 16:39 -0200, Avi Alkalay wrote:
> Yeah, but I just spent 1 hour to put my IBM T40 laptop on the network.
> I have 2 interfaces: GigEthernet (e1000) and Cisco Wireless (airo).
> airo wants to be ALLWAYS eth0, but if you load e1000 first, it will be
> eth0. Then if you rmmod e1000 and then rmmod airo, your command line
> hangs, and if you try to init 6 in another shell, it will hang in some
> point, with kernel messages saying it is waiting for eth0 to bee
> freed. Finally, you'll have to put your finger in the power button.
> Kudzu also has some (probably related) problems with network:
> Every boot he has 2 messages for me:
> a) AIRO was removed (it is an internal chip in my laptop !!!)
> b) new AIRO was found. Duh....
> I reported this last bug in FC2, and it is marked as closed, :-(
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=124805
> It seems this problem happens on any system that has 2 interfaces.
> Anyone else with this on FC3 ?
> Regards,
> Avi
> On Thu, 11 Nov 2004 15:47:32 +0100, Matthias Saou
> <thias spam spam spam spam spam spam spam egg and spam freshrpms net>
> wrote:
> > Avi Alkalay wrote :
> > 
> > > Why 'rpm -Uvh' or 'yum install' seems faster in FC3 ?
> > > Why KDE is waaaaaay faster than FC2 ?
> > > Why now my Cisco wireless works (after some tweeks) ?
> > >
> > > What was improved ?
> > 
> > ...all the above... and more! :-)
> > 
> > I've also had this kind of feedback from regular end-users : The general
> > overall impression is "faster and snappier", which is really great news.
> > 
> > As for the individual questions above, yum is a lot faster since it uses
> > the new metadata format (no endless initial download of header files),
> > python pickles... and has been more or less entirelay rewritten since 2.0.
> > For rpm, maybe some not-so-needed internal checks have been disabled for
> > normal operation? KDE... I couldn't say, I don't use it myself.
> > 
> > Matthias

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