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Re: Java for FC3 (was: Re: Java status for FC4?)

Le jeudi 11 novembre 2004 Ã 15:09 -0500, Amitabha Roy a Ãcrit :
> Maybe someone can explain to a complete novice like me what the issue is.
> How does being integrated with  jpackage help ? 
> Why is Sun's java not good enough ?

Sun packages were (and probably still are, didn't look at them for a
long time) little more than a single-root tar-like system. To help
system integration, upgrades we've repackaged most of the big linux jvms
on the market.

Little things like consistent namings (including package naming;),
locations, virtual provides, etc enable JPackage users to switch JVMs
relatively easily without reconfiguring their whole java system. The
files themselves are extracted from the binary tar drops most vendors
provide, since we don't have access to sources (for people that really
want the original Sun packages we've also got a package that simulates a
jpp rpm by adding symlinks all over the place).

A human can work around all the changes between one vendor package and
another but you really can't build a large package base over stuff that
is changing all the time. The main JVM repackaging aim is to provide a
stable base other Java packages can then use.


Nicolas Mailhot

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