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Re: FC3 and 2 net interfaces :-(

Avi Alkalay írta:
Yeah, but I just spent 1 hour to put my IBM T40 laptop on the network.

I have 2 interfaces: GigEthernet (e1000) and Cisco Wireless (airo).
airo wants to be ALLWAYS eth0, but if you load e1000 first, it will be
eth0. Then if you rmmod e1000 and then rmmod airo, your command line
hangs, and if you try to init 6 in another shell, it will hang in some
point, with kernel messages saying it is waiting for eth0 to bee
freed. Finally, you'll have to put your finger in the power button.

Kudzu also has some (probably related) problems with network:
Every boot he has 2 messages for me:
a) AIRO was removed (it is an internal chip in my laptop !!!)
b) new AIRO was found. Duh....

I reported this last bug in FC2, and it is marked as closed, :-(

It seems this problem happens on any system that has 2 interfaces.
Anyone else with this on FC3 ?


Same here with an integrated RealTek 8169 and a wireless NetGear MA311. I had to edit /etc/sysconfig/hwconf and /etc/modprobe.conf to make eth0 eth1 and vice-versa. I had to delete a second instance (eth2) from /etc/sysconfig/hwconf for my wireless card. I did this in single mode and now kudzu does not complain any more.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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