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Re: Multicast DNS & the ".local" domain

fre, 12.11.2004 kl. 00.44 skrev Felipe Alfaro Solana:
> On Nov 11, 2004, at 20:09, Kyrre Ness Sjobak wrote:
> > tor, 11.11.2004 kl. 18.54 skrev Felipe Alfaro Solana:
> >> Short question: Does Fedora Core 3 support multicast DNS name
> >> resolution for the ".local" domain?
> >>
> >> Long: I can resolv my Linux hostname from my Mac OS X computer, but my
> >> Linux box can't resolve my Mac OS X hostname.
> >>
> >> Looking at the network traffic, Mac OS X name queries for the ".local"
> >> domain do send mDNS traffic to the multicast mDNS address. Linux
> >> queries for the ".local" domain go against my ISP DNS server.
> >
> > So that is what "mDNS" stands for. What is it? Where can i find
> > documentation? Simple, easy-to-understand explanations? Does it mean
> > that i can name my computer "kyrre.local" and it will automatically be
> > discovered and resolved on the LAN?
> mDNS is a piece of Apple´s Rendezvous technology. There others are 
> automatic link-local IPv4 address allocation and service discovery. 
> Fedora Core 3 already has support for the multicast DNS responder part 
> of Rendezvous, in form of the ¨howl¨package (see 
> http://www.porchdogsoft.com/products/howl).
> Also, take a look at http://developer.apple.com/macosx/rendezvous
> The problem I'm having is that Linux mDNSResponder service works pretty 
> well: when a Mac OS X computer asks mDNSResponder, it does. What I'm 
> unable to achieve is just the opposite: make glibc's resolver use 
> multicast DNS to resolve queries for the ".local" domain. It seems, 
> however, that both SUSE and Gentoo have patches to make this work, and 
> I wanted to know why Fedora does not.

So in short - those who connect a mac to a network containing a FC3
print-server but no DNS, does now not have to fiddle with hosts? It
should JustWork(tm)?

But Fedora itself cannot be a client without some (ugly) patch?


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