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Re: Java for FC3 (was: Re: Java status for FC4?)

Why provocative ?
And this is not an inside info.....

All the industry is perceiving the importance of Open Source Java. I'm
not saying an Open Source implementation of the JVM, but more than

Sun couldn't make Java a completelly open thing (it was allways open
in terms of specification and interoperability) because of the
Microsoft trial. If they opened it, the trial had no sense anymore.
Now that this is over and Microsoft payied some money to Sun (its not
an investment on Sun, but a legal agreenment), Sun can at least think
about open sourcing it in the right way. And due to market pressures,
IBM letter to Sun, Eric Raymond letter to Sun, etc, we expect and hope
something will happen soon. The JCP is already an open process, open
for individuals too.

This is MY understanding of what I've being listening from Sun, etc
speakers in Open Source and strategic technology events. I may be
wrong. So it is better to see it happening soon, instead of trusting
in my opinion :-)

More about Java and J2EE:
You can like it, you can dislike it. But Java is the only technology
(or standard) that has an extremely strong ecosystem of business
software developers, COTS (components off the shelf), and providers.
It is fully supported by the entire industry (except 1 company) for
business critical applications, and is already the de-facto standard
for high quality business process software development. I don't see
customers writing business-oriented software in C or C++.

This ecosystem is way more important than some technological drawbacks of Java.
PHP, and other middleware-type software don't have such a strong ecosystem.

Do you want an inside info?
A friend that works on Microsoft said they created .NET because they
were affraid of the potential Linux+J2EE may have, and they wanted to
reserve their position in the business applications space.

Just my 2 cents,

On 12 Nov 2004 09:09:06 -0700, Tom Tromey <tromey redhat com> wrote:
> >>>>> "Avi" == Avi Alkalay <avibrazil gmail com> writes:
> Avi> But this will change soon, now that Sun solved their legal problems
> Avi> with Microsoft. Yes, I'm saying we are close to have an open source
> Avi> JVM. From Sun or IBM. Or both.
> That's a provocative statement!  I'm curious to hear what inside info
> you might have on this topic... :-)
> Tom

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