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Re: Boot poster challenge

Arjan van de Ven writes:

On Sat, 2004-11-13 at 12:18 -0500, Owen Taylor wrote:

 CPU utilization would
be parallelized with that, and all queries on external systems would
be asynchronous ... startup continues and once the external system
responds, the system state is updated. Plausibly the user could start
work under 10 seconds on this ideal system.

given the 7 second disk read time... 10 seconds is a bit unrealistic. One of the critical paths will be getting an IP address and mounting the /home dir over nfs... ethernet negotiation can easily be 10 seconds already with gige, and DHCP is depending on that to complete before it can get a lease.

Add 30 seconds if you're booting off aic79xx.o

Why does loading that gawd-awful microcode take so long?

I don't notice ANY delay when booting XP on the same box.

It shouldn't take more than one or two seconds to initialize the SCSI card.

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