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Re: Boot poster challenge

On Sun, 2004-11-14 at 20:38 +0800, Jeff Pitman wrote:
> I'm still leaning towards Felix's minit as a potential alternative:
> http://www.fefe.de/minit/minit-linux-kongress2004.pdf

Keep in mind the requirements of GUI: dynamic monitoring and control of
what's happening, including reliable propagation of errors in machine-
readable form (i.e. not stderr/syslog)

Slide 19 ("How do I know which services are running?") in the minit deck
gave me some "nobody has thought about how this works with a UI"
sense ;-) so there might be some work left there.

UI could be everything from graphical boot progress meter, to an admin
start/stop services tool, to some part of the desktop with no visible
initscripts relationship but underneath it happens to need to manipulate
a service.

See also David's post on fedora-desktop yesterday about getting to the
login prompt more quickly.


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