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Re: compat (libgal2 gtkhtml3) packages for Fedora Extras

On 11/14/2004 07:36:12 AM, Michael Schwendt wrote:

> Last time I read the packaging guidelines - Fedora.us wanted the
> specified in the release tag.


> Furthermore, they wanted it to be the first number.


The prefix 0.fdr has nothing to do with the Epoch. It ensures that any
package merged into Fedora Core would win version-release comparison.

I just looked through the doc again - you're right.
It had been awhile since I read it, I don't package for Fedora (hence my request for someone who does ...).
Their scheme though is rather complex - I guess to overcome shortcoming in rpm's versioning - but still overly complex.

It's probably vepoch I was remembering, but not having read the docs - well anyway, the epoch in the release tag makes sense to me because it gives a visual representation of what the epoch is just by looking at the file.

I'm not suggesting Fedora change things, but epoch makes sense, a complex release scheme, and vepoch - and there you have it.

Oh well.

So - any fedora extras people (who know the release scheme ;) want to package these for extras?

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