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Re: Problem with gnome-terminal session restore

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Ray Strode wrote:
| Hi Bernd,
|>I've a problem with gnome-terminal not restoring its size properly after
|>sesssion-save, logout and login. Every time I get gnome-terminals of
|>different sizes. Sometimes the size is ok and sometime not. I initially
|>reported this problem over a year ago as bug #109486. Some other users
|>seem to have the same issue.
|>The bug is assinged to Ray Strode (rstrode redhat com) but still sits in
|>new state.
| Sorry for the delay.  I've spent the last week or so going through and
| cleaning out old bugs, but I hadn't gotten to yours yet.  In the future,
| if you'd like a status update just post a message in the bug report
| asking for one.  I will receive an email with your bug comment and that
| will bring your bug to my attention.

Ok Ray, as you suggested I've now opened a new bug in Gnome Bugzilla:


Best regards.

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