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stateless-snapshooter problems


I trying to install Stateless Linux on a computer lab using FC3 (release version). I've been following the tutorial, and it's been a breeze so far, but now I'm at the "4. Creating a snapshot of a prototype system" section. While attempting to create a snapshot, I get the following message:
[root localhost user]# stateless-snapshooter -n -p DemoSystem
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/share/stateless/stateless-snapshooter.py", line 142, in ?
snapshooter.get_next_id (protosystem))
File "/usr/share/stateless/snapshooter.py", line 71, in get_next_id
for snapshot in list_snapshots (protosystem):
File "/usr/share/stateless/snapshooter.py", line 62, in list_snapshots
srv = get_readonly_service ()
File "/usr/share/stateless/snapshooter.py", line 50, in get_readonly_service
return LDAPUtils.StatelessService (LDAPUtils.ReadOnlyDirectory (cfg))
File "/usr/share/stateless/LDAPUtils.py", line 81, in __init__
Directory.__init__ (self, cfg)
File "/usr/share/stateless/LDAPUtils.py", line 65, in __init__
self.uri = cfg.get_ldap_uri ()
File "/usr/share/stateless/config.py", line 43, in get_ldap_uri
server = self["LDAP_SERVER"].lstrip()
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lstrip'
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Are there any undocumented dependencies to the "stateless-servers" package that I should may be missing?


Carlos Knowlton

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