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RE: Requests for FC4


Your firewall problem, I use Shorewall at www.shorewall.net it has all that
you could need. I used it instead of buy a device more because I am cheap. I
use Webmin at http://www.webmin.com to configure it. But there are to many
firewall products to include and please everyone.

I wish you set the default desktop (i.e. KDE when you startup) in Anaconda
as I install KDE instead of Gnome.

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I would just try to convert as many programs over to the new interfaces.  I
am tired of seeing messages like: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.mainloop is
deprecated and using a deprecated SCSI ioctl, please convert it to SG_IO.
Yes there are bugzilla entries for this.

Tell everyone FC5 will not ship with the old X font server.  Maybe switch
from using initrd to initramfs?  Start to get rid of the dead wood.

Also passing resolution=800x512 on the command line only crashes the X
server so I am forced to use a text install.  Since I have to use a text
install, the xorg.conf contains the wrong information about the monitor and
I have to boot into single user mode to copy a working xorg.conf over the
old one.  It would be nice for this to work properly.  Yes there is a
bugzilla about this.

Please try to get the main distribution down to 1 or 2 CDs.  At the rate FC
is growing I think FC4 will be 5 CDs.  Maybe consider breaking core into
server and desktop groups.  I think most sysadmins don't install Gnome games
or openoffice on a webserver.  You need X windows because the Oracle
installer requires it.

Please include a better firewall configuration tool.  The current one is
good for only basic firewalls, but I need something that allows me to open
specific ports from specific IPs, log all traffic except for this port, or
log all traffic on this port only, etc.

Someone from RedHat really needs to go through bugzilla.  I have been
reading the old threads about this.  I hope something happens soon.

Anaconda really needs to list all packages during the selection part of the
install (this goes for text based and graphical installs) or maybe have an
advanced menu for experienced users.  For example I don't have isdn, so I
don't want the isdn packages installed.  However there is no place to
uncheck a ISDN box during the package selection phase, or am I not looking
hard enough.  Also a description about each package would be nice.  Also, I
uncheck a couple of packages that I know have packages depending on them
before the install, the checking dependencies phase does not tell me
anything is being added, yet those packages are installed.  All I am asking
for is please tell me when the installer is adding a package because of a
dependency so if I want I can go back and tell anaconda to not install that

I would have delayed the release one at most two weeks.  Firefox has had
their release date on their website for about month.  I would have delayed
the release to include the 1.0 release.  This extra week would have given
people time to further test KDE 3.3.1 so it too could be included in the FC3
release.  I am aware of the 'if you keep delaying it will never be released'
argument, but with 2 major packages being updated within a week of release
makes me think it was released a little prematurely.  I use gnome myself,
but as someone who uses dial up, I really don't want to see 50 packages
being released the first day or two after a release.

Just my $0.02.  All in all FC3 is a pretty good release.  If I had to give
it a grade, it would be a B.


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