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Re: stateless wants pxelinux.0

Mike Herrick wrote:

Carlos Knowlton wrote:

Anyway, what is the format of the files in the pxelinux.cfg/* files supposed to be? what parameters need to be passed to the kernel, etc. and how is this stuff supposed to be generated?

I believe that the PXE configuration is supposed to be automatically generated by a cron job (which invokes /usr/share/stateless/statelessGenPXEConfig.py). It didn't work for me because I didn't have an NFS path set properly.

I'm getting a similar message from "statelessGenPXEConfig.py": " [root fsix-Server /]# python /usr/share/stateless/statelessGenPXEConfig.py Unable to get NFS location of DemoSystem snapshot DemoSystem-1 "

Here's my /etc/exports:
/home/users *(rw,async)
/src/stateless/snapshots *(rw,async)

Does anyone know how the NFS location is supposed to be set up? Is there any more documentation than the Tutorial and the source ( I don't speak python very well )?

If you want to configure it by hand, you can take a look at the pxelinux
documentation (part of the syslinux installation):



I could configure it by hand, but I'm sure I would end up with a read-only system that wouldn't function like stateless was designed to run (ie, it would be crippled, and act very "read-only-ish"). I get the impression that Stateless Linux is supposed to look and act as though it were a locally installed fully functional Fedora installation. I'm wondering what configuration in the pxelinux.cfg/ folder facillitates this.

Thanks! Carlos

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