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Re: Requests for FC4

How about, 

- Working installer application that does not say:
	/media/cdrecorder is not a valid install path when I click
	on any rpm in firefox - was this not supposed to have been 
	fixed for FC3?

- Tomcat in the distribution. Eclipse in the distribution,
integrated with tomcat. AspectJ, and ant support for it.

- Working NNTP support in evolution (as my bug has been ignored)

- https links in gnome opening in the browser - 
	it's so annoying to cut and paste bugzilla links
		(bugzilla filed, not fixed)

- A way to resize the gnome icons when I change resolution
without editing the Bluecurve file. A way to control
what gdm does with the resolution, because right now
it makes me scroll the mouse left and right to see the entire
screen, which is huge. 1600x1200 is available, but the X startup
resolution is 1024x768.
Ivan Gyurdiev <ivg2 cornell edu>
Cornell University

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