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Re: RFE: more FC4 Requests

On 11/16/2004 01:13:45 AM, Troels Arvin wrote:
On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 00:35:00 -0500, Phillip Compton wrote:

> scribus - DTP
> inkscape - Vector Graphics
> lcms - Color Management

I don't know about lcms, but the others sound like candidates for
Extras, as they aren't exactly "core" components.

By the way: I consider it _very_ sad that the Fedora Extras project
doesn't collaborate with projects like FreshRPMS, Dag's repository,
(sometimes collectively called 'rpmforge'). Such lack of collaboration
makes it very difficult for me to see Fedora Extras as a "community
project" - which is its very purpose, as I understand it.

In a nutshell the reason as I see it is this -

Fedora has a protocol that they follow regarding package naming, package building, and package testing which is very clearly outlined in the Fedora documentations. This involves an outline QA process packages have to go to.

For Fedora to "cooperate" with third party packagers, they would need to throw that process to the side for packages that have to be redone in order to work with dag or freshrpm's etc. - and that's a bad thing, the policy and guidelines they have are there for a reason, and that reason is to provide a stable set of packages for those users who need a stable repository to work with.

Fedora already offers a way for these other repositories to integrate with Fedora - they can introduce themselves to the list, and submit packages to the fedora repository, going through the Fedora QA process to do so. That is how the Fedora community works.

If dag and freshrpms's etc. want to cooperate together, that's fine - that's even good. But Fedora has a published established way for integrating with Fedora, and Fedora can not be expected to test all possible scenarios of packages installed from third parties.

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