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Re: RFE: more FC4 Requests

Troels Arvin wrote :

> On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 00:35:00 -0500, Phillip Compton wrote:
> > scribus - DTP
> > inkscape - Vector Graphics
> > lcms - Color Management
> I don't know about lcms, but the others sound like candidates for Fedora
> Extras, as they aren't exactly "core" components.

Well, Phillip already packages these in fedora.us and Fedora Extras if I'm
not mistaken, so I guess he was suggesting to have them moved to Core.

> By the way: I consider it _very_ sad that the Fedora Extras project
> doesn't collaborate with projects like FreshRPMS, Dag's repository, etc.
> (sometimes collectively called 'rpmforge'). Such lack of collaboration
> makes it very difficult for me to see Fedora Extras as a "community
> project" - which is its very purpose, as I understand it.

What makes you think Dag and I don't collaborate with Extras? I guess
you're talking about fedora.us, not to be confused with "Fedora Extras"
which's existence is imminent, will be mostly based on fedora.us (which was
in turn partly based on my packages, Dag's packages and other packages...)
but will hopefully not suffer from the same strict policies, thus be more
open, friendly, and "attractive" at last.

Please be assured that Dag and I have our reasons for doing things to way
we do them, and the same applies to fedora.us. Some may seem dumb, as for
instance I didn't want to orbit all of my effort around a bugzilla, nor did
I want to modify all my spec files to follow fedora.us requirements or
guidelines (mandatory zero epoch, aligned headers, comment lines etc.).

> When I say "don't collaborate", I'm thinking about a sad message like
> this one:
> http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/apt/FAQ.php#D

This is unfortunately something Dag put up ultimately in order to orient
the users reporting "your packages create a dependency mess" types of
problems when using fedora.us _and_ his files. It has been a (mostly)
understandable decision from fedora.us to not focus ("waste time") on
compatibility with the outside, which the only ones having a rough time
understanding are the end-users.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages : http://freshrpms.net/
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