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Re: Requests for FC4

man, 15,.11.2004 kl. 16.53 -0500, skrev Ivan Gyurdiev:
> How about, 
> - Working installer application that does not say:
> 	/media/cdrecorder is not a valid install path when I click
> 	on any rpm in firefox - was this not supposed to have been 
> 	fixed for FC3?
> - Tomcat in the distribution. Eclipse in the distribution,
> integrated with tomcat. AspectJ, and ant support for it.
> - Working NNTP support in evolution (as my bug has been ignored)
This works for me with 2.0.x. Did you file it in bugzilla.ximian.com?

> - https links in gnome opening in the browser - 
> 	it's so annoying to cut and paste bugzilla links
> 		(bugzilla filed, not fixed)
This should be fixed in GNOME CVS at least, not sure if it was
backported to 2.8.x.

> - A way to resize the gnome icons when I change resolution
> without editing the Bluecurve file. A way to control

Create a Bluecurve theme using SVGs?

> what gdm does with the resolution, because right now
> it makes me scroll the mouse left and right to see the entire
> screen, which is huge. 1600x1200 is available, but the X startup
> resolution is 1024x768.

Is this filed in bugzilla.gnome.org? Depending on whether it's a problem
in gdm or X.org of course?


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