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Re: Boot poster challenge

On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 20:05 -0500, Owen Taylor wrote: 
> Wow, this is fabulous work, and fast too!

Thanks :)

> What sort of libraries are you using in the Java program? Do you have
> any idea whether getting it to run on top of open source Java would
> be feasible?

I'm using the java2d and imageio packages with IBM's JDK.  It doesn't
work out of the box with libgcj though, so I'll have to come up to speed
with the java2d/cairo development.  Alternatively, I can always drop the
alpha/antialias pertiness.  Or switch to SVG instead and let librsvg do
the work.

Anyway, I'll upload the script and source code once I clean things up.

> How are you computing the different shades of yellow and gray? Are
> you looking at differences in the TIME column?

Only running (yellow) processes are shaded.  It goes like this:
- check S (status) column:
  - D (unint. sleep) -> gray
  - S (sleeping)     -> light gray
  - Z (zombie)       -> dark gray
  - T (traced)       -> redish (but I haven't seen any)
  - R (running)      -> check %CPU column, use #ffcb00 with alpha
                        ranging from 50% to 100% (128 + CPU*128)

There were also some white gaps which needed squashing (fixed and
updated the chart).

> Just glancing at the initial image certainly brings all sorts of
> questions to mind:
>  - Why is rhgb eating so much CPU? if you run 'rhgb -i' it displays
>    basically 0 CPU to display the animation. That looks like a
>    pretty obvious bug we completely missed.

You seem to have tracked this one down, but here's the output without
rhgb for comparison:
(boot time went from 1:27 to 0:51)

>  - Is it just a coincidence that dhclient gets the lease almost 
>    exactly simultaneously with readahead finishing? Is readahead
>    blocking the rest of the system?
>  - Is readahead doing any good at all? Would it still be doing good
>    if we fixed blocking boot for 20 seconds on dhclient?

(boot time: 0:49 -- note that this is *with* rhgb)

Without rhgb and readahead:
(boot time: 0:51 -- so these guys obviously don't play well together)

>  - What does GNOME login look like?

If I parse up to the point where gnome-panel is running and the system
is 90% idle:

All corresponding bootop.log.{norhgb,login,...}.gz log files are also

> Anyways, I'm very impressed, looks like I'll have to start figuring
> out shipping to Slovenia :-) (*)

I'd think this has gotten easier since we joined the EU :)

> (*) Let me know when you think you you are at a point where you think
>     you have something you'd like to have as a poster, and we can
>     work out how to best implement the details of my offer.

Will do, thanks!

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