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Re: first encounters with SELINUX, with some suggestions

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 12:38:46 -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
> When we get the Apache guide out, I think it would be useful to include
> in it configuration/policy tweaks people needed to get particular PHP
> applications to run.

Right, this is definitely the best attitude. More configuration with
SELinux in interesting setups is probably unavoidable: the whole point is
that you tell the system precisely what programs should and should not be
allowed to do so it can enforce that. 

Administering servers always involves administration, hopefully SELinux
and writing policy will come to be accepted as just one of those things
admins should know in future, in much the same way that you're supposed to
know how to edit httpd.conf

> I've been thinking recently about how to make this easier.

GUI tools would be a good start. Apache in general needs better GUI tools
I think ... one of the areas IIS tends to whip Apache is on small-scale
intranet deployments where the person running the web server is
computer-literate but not a guru and the IIS config gui is a strength.
Got to stay positive with this! :)

thanks -mike

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