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FC4 wishes

While everyone is adding there own. I add mine, which should be fairly
simple to add.

Right now, languages are system wide. I would like to see a list of
valid system wide languages (on my machine, this would be various
versions of US English, English, and various versions of Spanish). I
also would like a default.  (All of this to this point may be there, it
seems it is... or maybe I hacked the files myself.)

However, what isn't there is the ability to change languages on a user,
by user basis. While what I am about to suggest isn't enforceable beyond
a config tool (i.e. someone can hack the files), I would like this list
given to the user (under Gnome or KDE preferences, not system tools,
etc.) to be limited to languages that were set as OK in the above
paragraph. (I currently just have the bash_profile set the LANG
environment variable.)

Why? well, I would like to eventually have gnome translated into
Tengwar/elvish (yes, using the characters and a keymap), I speak English
and to some extend Spanish. My wife the same, but prefers to compute in

This would help out in such situations.

Thanks for considering it.

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is too far for me. Today is what I have,
and what I fight for." -- Unknown

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