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Re: Boot poster challenge

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 06:43:50PM -0500, Dave Jones wrote:
> mac for my wife, Apple did something right. They have something
> (possibly a cron job) that looks for updates at a user specified
> interval, and if nothing is found, it does nothing. You don't even
> know it checked.  If it does find something, it pops up a dialog.
> None of this flashing red bubble nonsense.  The whole time you're
> blissfully unaware of this going on, which is a big win
> memory footprint wise.

That didn't go down well in some places. One of the problems with automatic
updates and any network tool that is impolite is when your box does a major
update over your GPRS phone at Â3.50 per megabyte, or clogs a customer
wireless network when you are in a sales call.

> notifier is becoming more sensible than ours. They even have
> a 'download the updates in the background when things are idle'
> option aparently, which sounds cute. (think I'd rather be around
> when it applies them though).

We do too. It's just not well documented. chkconfig service yum on for the
runlevels you want.,,

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